Born in Udine, ever since a child she was attracted by creativeness 360 degrees, exploring coloured, harmonious, alternative worlds. Becoming an adult, she began to feel the need to experiment such inner adventures on a canvas. After her first works, she passed from the defined signs of figures to a form of expression far more employing experimentation – on canvases – of colour harmonies and contrasts. Initially guided by her hand, her hues then become entities enabled to blend by themselves, self-sufficiently, as if animated by a spirit of their own. It is from the alchemy of her ingredients – water and colours – and from their ability to merge, amalgamate and turn into the other, that the artist sees her work being born. The author-creation relationship involves timing and ways mutually respecting one another.

Yet, her canvas is an environment set for multifarious creative experiences. By employing pieces of fabric shaped in cement, modelled on their supporting surface, she even satisfies gestural expressiveness. On the canvas appear plastic shapes, whose tridimensional nature recalls high-relief; though actually differing from it,

in their drapery and illusory softness. The recycled scraps of fabric get vigorous again through the solidity of cement, while not losing the velvety motion generated by the artist. Such creativeness, however, is not limited to her rapport with canvases. Indeed, she is now working with a few creative design factories.

Classic elements – vases, for instance – take us by surprise as moving shapes, a flicker of colour furnishing any place and spot with sophisticated sparkle. Said vessels boast the supreme originality of unique, unrepeatable artworks, as they consist of rags treated with cement mixtures, reproposed thoroughly renewed. Seats and tables don lively folds and play of light, as if they were soft, rustling items of clothing. The facets of Passonia’s design even increase the worth of a person. Her Samsara bags are authentic, ready-to-wear sculptures, for demanding seekers of the daring and of the unconventional, eager for both signatures and the exclusive, personal art gesture. Such little masterpieces are made by modelling – with cement – chosen, recycled pieces of fabric and leather. In the world of accessories, they carve out their own special niche, due to the effect of shapes that are still thoroughly unknown.

In Italy, France and Slovenia, where her works have been exhibited in personal and collective shows, she has been the recipient of considerable, flattering marks of appreciation from both the public and qualified critics. Many an elaboration of hers has been shown in specialist magazines. In June 2013, she participated in “Overplay”, a collateral event at the 55th International Art Exhibition, Venice’s La Biennale, housed at Palazzo Albrizzi.