Samsāra Bags

“A purse is a woman’s heart. You’re not supposed to look into it, man. A gentleman wouldn’t, though his heart is drawn to the heartbreaking secrets locked inside a woman’s characteristic accessory. Women need more. A woman’s life bears heavier freight and this requires extra baggage. Close your eyes and disappear into the woman before you. Familiar territory to every man, though the memories are dark. Replace the blood with dried flowers, the stink of life with amber. Imagine a handkerchief dampened by their dessicated nectar, instead of tears. Something sweet to give her children, but it won’t be sweet enough. A chain of keys and concrete proof of a truth no man can bear. Watch her rummage, like she’s lost what she knows is there. The same indecency, practically, as spying on a leopard drinking at a river. She locates what she thought she needed. Knowing it’s not lost after all, she no longer needs whatever it was. She shuts her purse, opens her eyes to take you in.”
– Matthew Lich –